Best Webtoons

LINE Webtoon is a South Korean comic medium that has gained immense popularity in the past couple of years. I first began reading webtoons around 3 years ago, in 2017. The service was already garnering attention back then, but now even more-so, with two of it’s top creations receiving an anime adaptation in 2020. In this post I would like to recommend to you my favorite webtoons, which I also recommend to you!

1) Cheese In The Trap by Soonkki

This webtoon absolutely blew me away! As I flipped through images of the series I expected another typical love triangle romance. However, this story was no cliche! The author, Soonkki, did a phenomenal job including psychological elements into what seems to be a simple love story. Seol and Jung’s relationship was complicated- as both of their lives were riddled with trauma and insecurities. Soonkki did a great, and realistic, job including how these faults play into a relationship.

2) Lookism by Park Tae-joon

Lookism is a fantastic, action-packed read with great art and comedy to back it up. While, I found some of the earlier chapters to be repetitive, they were still very entertaining. These beginning chapters set the stage for the series, as well as developing and establishing our main cast. The story is funny and entertaining from the start, and once more of the plot is explained it only gets more entertaining! The character development is incredibly well-done, and realistic as I can relate to a lot of the insecurities the characters feel. I highly recommend this one as the story only gets crazier and crazier!

3) Days of Hana by Seok Woo

Days of Hana began as a simple, and cute story. I like it as I thought the characters and story were fluffy and easy to read. Boy, was I wrong. The webtoon took a much darker tone about halfway throughout the series as it began to delve into the nitty-gritty of the world they live in. The series is set in a society where half-humans are treated as slaves to full-blooded humans. This world, of course, is extremely xenophobic and bigoted. However, much like many romances do, I expected this setting to be in the background and for more of the focus to be on the romance. Seok Woo proved me wrong by depicting the grim reality of their world, and not shying away from dark subjects. This story is not good for your heart, but was an extremely good read!

4) Edith by SwansGarden (pen name)

Edith is great depiction of real, adult relationships. They’re messy. They’re dumb. They don’t make sense. I found myself relating to a lot of Edith and Phillip’s feelings on their relationships and careers. I have become accustomed to shoujo relationships that I forgot how messy real relationships are ( not shoujo-messy where drama is caused by a love triangle and magically disappears when the guy goes away). In addition, the art-style is very visually pleasing as SwansGarden incorporates a pastel/lighter color palette.

5) Hooky by Miriam Bonastre

Hooky is a very wholesome read. Although, there are some dark moments the series keeps a relatively light atmosphere. This is definitely a comfort read for me. It follows twins, Dani and Dorian, and their magical adventure that concurs after they miss their school bus. The character’s are adorable, and the author really grows throughout the story and it is very evident how much Miriam improves each chapter.

These weren’t in any particular order, they were just some of my favorites! I would like to add that, “The God of High School” and “Tower of God” would probably be on here if I actually finished them ( I am terrible at finishing manga lol).

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