Motivational Anime


One of the main reasons I’m inactive on this blog is because I dedicate a lot of time to my studies. School takes up the majority of my life, like it does many others. Now I know this isn’t an excuse for my lack of posts, but here I’ve attempted to compile some anime that inspire me.



Now I know that there are a lot of sports manga that are very motivation, but Haikyuu stands out. This manga is written so that you can learn from each and every character. No matter if they’re a side character or on the opposing team, Furudate effectively displays their backgrounds so that you can connect with them. I’m currently reading the manga and it’s fantastic.


Your Lie in April:

I decided to pick this one up again after starting it so long ago. The character development is absolutely amazing and the way Kosei grows is so raw and human that it’s terrifying. The way the story progresses hits close to home, even if you (like me) have no connection to the world of music.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama:

This series is an incredibly cute shoujo and the actual ambition of the characters, one in specific, is often overlooked. Misaki is constantly working hard, she supports her family as well as having stellar grades, and handles essentially all the work in student council. If you read the manga you get to see her ten years in the future. At that point in her life she’s about to marry Usui, who is now a doctor and she herself is a diplomat. If that isn’t goals then I have no idea what is.



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