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I’m so bad at being active, but hey I’m posting now! Once again i’m taking a type of tag that is popular on youtube and doing a manga edition of it. As for why I haven’t been posting much I don’t have a good excuse I’ve just been enjoying my summer traveling, and posting wasn’t one of my priorities while traveling. Now that I’ve got my (sort of) excuses out of the way we can move on to the actual post!

PLEASE READ: The idea for this post was not created by me, and I do not take credit for it. All the questions I answered in this post were created by Katytastic on youtube and were originally meant for books, but I decided to make a manga edition.


1. The Little Mermaid: a character out of their element, “a fish out of water”

I won’t elaborate on this one because spoilers, but Yona from Akatsuki no Yona. With the situation she was put into she is definitely the epitome of “a fish out of water”, although she does adjust to the situation she is put into and becomes totally awesome as the series progresses!


2. Cinderella: a character who goes through a major transformation

I would pick Yona again but for the sake of not repeating anything I’ll got with another character and that character is Teru from Dengeki Daisy. Honestly I feel like this manga is so underrated, even though it’s so magnificent. If you’ve read the manga you’ll probably understand why I picked her, although she was a wonderful character from the start.


3. Snow White: a manga with an eclectic cast of characters

Words cannot explain how much I love all the Fairy Tail characters. All of them are so interesting and unique, even the minor characters. I mean sure a lot of them fit into character stereotypes but those are also well done. Great job Mashima Hiro!!


4. Sleeping Beauty: a manga that put you to sleep

Ranma 1/2…don’t get me wrong I adore all the characters and the plot is pretty interesting but they tended to do the same thing over and over again. I never ended up finishing the manga or anime.


5. The Lion King: a character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood

It is a common trope for characters to have tragic back stories, but there are two that stuck out to me. Erza from Fairy Tail and Yuri from Angel Beats!


6. Beauty and the Beast: a beast of a manga (a long manga) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful

My answer to this one is easily Detective Conan, I mean currently it’s almost at one-thousand chapters! I watched the anime as a child and pretty recently ( December 2015) I caught up with all the chapters and I’m pretty proud of myself, it was totally worth it!


7. Aladdin: a character who gets their wish granted, for better or for worse

Don’t hate me for this, but I honestly can’t think of a character like this. Although I’m sure I’ve read a manga with this trope.


8. Mulan: a character who pretends to be someone or something they are not

Hime from Seiyuu Ka!, much like Mulan she is a girl pretending to be a boy, but for much different reasons. This manga also included a tsundere main male character and don’t we all love them?


9. Toy Story: a manga with characters you wish would come to life

This one is a bit complicated because most of my favorite characters are from different series. But you also have to keep in mind that along with the good characters coming to life, the villainous ones would too. While thinking of all this, I decided on the characters from Eyeshield 21. Since it is a sports manga none of the “bad” characters are evil enough to kill anyone, but Agon is a pretty big asshole. I’m guilty of mainly wanting these characters to come alive because I want to meet Hiruma.


10. Disney Descendants: your favorite villain or morally ambiguous character

Oh look another Fairy Tail answer, my favorite manga villain has to be Zeref. I’m not just picking him because I think he’s attractive, but because around the first time we met his character he seemed like a good person…but he wasn’t. He wasn’t just plain evil and out to kill everything he spots, like most shounen villains.


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