June Manga


I’m currently in Indiana, but I want to work on this post while I’m here, because I probably won’t be home until July starts. Anyways this month I read a lot of incredible manga and am super excited to tell you guys about them. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been running this blog, but I’ve had trouble being consistent in my updates and I plan to get better at it. Because of this goal I decided to start a monthly post on my blog where I share my thoughts on the manga I read the past month (no spoilers of course).


Joou no Hana:

I slightly feel like it has been so long since I read this manga, even though it was just a couple of weeks ago! I highly enjoyed this manga and got Akatsuki no Yona vibes from it, because it does also include an awesome heroine and a historical setting. Throughout the story you will be constantly rooting for the main characters who are inspiring, and strong.

Rating: 9/10


NG Life:

A work created by the same author as Akatsuki no Yona, that I loved just as much. The story is about Keidai a highschool boy who unlike others can remember his past life. In his past life he was a gladiator in Pompeii married to a beautiful woman and with wonderful friends. But all that had ended with the eruption of Mt.Vesuvius. Now living in present day he reunites with his past life best friend and lover, but problems arise when his lover is now a man and his best friend is now a cute girl! I expected this to be a strictly comedic manga, which don’t get me wrong it was very funny but it also had meaningful undertones. It also made me think about things such as the importance of living in the future rather than the past.

Rating: 10/10


Mugen Spiral:

Not surprisingly another manga I read because of Akatsuki no Yona, this one was also written by the same author. It was a very cute story that was very fun to read, but the ending was very rushed and left many unanswered questions. I believe that the author didn’t have as much time to work on this because of Akatsuki no Yona’s popularity but this one was also a fantastic read and I really would’ve liked a better ending.

Rating: 8/10


Sakamoto Desu ga?:

This one has been an extremely popular anime recently so I decided why not give the manga a try? I read it and it was hilarious, every chapter had me dying with laughter and I loved Sakamoto from the first chapter. Because of the title I had expected Sakamoto to be a narcissistic and comedic character, and while this manga was certainly satire Sakamoto turned out to be a very good person. I only wished to learn more about Sakamoto’s past, because he is very mysterious and we know absolutely nothing about him.

Rating: 8.5/10


Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita:

Not a big fan of this one but I did read till the end. My trip to Indiana was a seven hour car ride and I completed this one on the car ride. I felt like the beginning started out strong but throughout the rest of the manga it sort of just started getting worse. It also started to get stereotypical and I found the romance to be sort of creepy.

Rating: 6/10


Sennen no Yuki:

At Barnes and Nobles in Indiana I spotted this one and since it wasn’t a long manga I decided to have it as a quick read between the manga I’m currently reading and more invested in (Eyeshield 21). It was a cute read and if you’re looking for a sweet shoujo to read just to brighten your day than I highly recommend this one!

Rating: 8/10



One Outs:

In these posts I’d like to have a spotlight manga which is basically my favorite manga from that month, for June One Outs is an easy win. I’m not very into Sports so I didn’t want to read this the first time I heard about it. Later on I kept hearing that it was a psychological manga and since I love those types of manga I started read it and it was incredible. All the strategies that Tokuchi devised were brilliant and each chapter kept me at the edge of my seat. Since I don’t understand much about baseball I thought that I would have been very confused while reading this but the manga did a good job in simplifying the sport. The only problems I had while reading this was first, the huge chapter gaps. In the first one hundred chapters there are two huge gaps that are nowhere to be found on the internet. In order to understand what happened I found the corresponding episodes to the missing chapters. The anime was also fantastic,  but it was a bit of an inconvenience to go from manga to anime. My second problem with this manga was the artwork, it just wasn’t that great. But this manga was released 1998 so I can let it slide and honestly the plot is so fantastic that overtime you’ll just get used to the artwork and it won’t bother you. Since I did watch (part) of the anime I can say that the characters are certainly better looking there, and I feel like they nailed Tokuchi’s voice!

Rating: 10/10

Manga Dropped Or Put On Hold:


Two Beasts: (DROPPED)

In addition to manga I loved I also read this trash during June. I expected this to be a cute shoujo but no it was a smut manga with a stupid heroine who clearly can’t make decisions for herself. I rarely read smut (I think I’ve only read one), but I have nothing against the genre. What I can’t stand though, are indecisive characters who let the people around her decide everything even things that are fundamentally up to her and her only.

Rating: 2/10


Matantei Loki: (ON HOLD)

Although I certainly didn’t hate this one, I also wasn’t very willing to continue it. I ended up reading One Outs instead of this, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to continue it, hopefully sometime in the future I will continue this manga.

Rating (so far): 8/10






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