Most Anticipated On My TBR!


I have a journal where I write down all the manga I want to read as well as things for this blog. I have pages and pages of manga in that notebook, but I don’t stop it there. Then I open up the Evernote app and create a checklist of the ones I prioritize, and these will generally be read before the others that are written solely in my notebook. Here are the current manga on my “most anticipated” list!      

TBR= To be read

Note: I’ll be leaving for Indiana tomorrow, so I’ll be even less active on this blog (most likely). Now I know that in general I don’t post very much, but with me going to another state and all I don’t think I’ll have as much time to reply to comments or post on here.


Eyeshield 21:

It’s a bit of a surprise that this one is on my list, since it is a sports series but not just that but one about (american) football. Which I know absolutely nothing about! This one is on my list because as I was reading One Outs (which is my current read) and some of the comments compared Tokuchi to a character named Hiruma. Since I love Tokuchi and I was curious I searched this character up and he turned out to come from another sports manga, Eyeshield 21. I’ve also heard that the anime is trash compared to the manga so I’ll definitely be reading this series rather than watching it.


Liar Game:

No surprise here, but this manga is on my list once again because of One Outs. If you didn’t know already, both manga were written by the same author. And I adore One Outs, and am super stoked to read Liar Game. I’ve always loved mystery and psychological manga so I’m super excited to read a series with both tags.


Hunter x Hunter:

I’ve seen the anime a couple of years ago and can hardly remember it, so I decided it’s time to revisit this series, but this time by reading the manga. Although I know what happens in this story (up to a certain point at least), I’m just as excited to read this manga!


D. Gray Man:

I watched part of this series with my brother and loved it. I’ve been putting it off for a while now because the manga is extremely slow with updating. During April it updated so I do have some hope for it now, although I’m a bit hesitant to read this one.


DN Angel:

When I was younger I would always watch anime with my older brother and it wasn’t because we were super close or anything, it’s because we had to share our dad’s computer. We began to watch DN Angel and I was pretty into it until he told us we weren’t watching it anymore, he basically dictated whatever we watched haha, he told me it was because he was “older”. Now that it has been years since then I still haven’t continued DN Angel, and hopefully I’ll still enjoy it (my taste in anime/manga has changed since then).




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