Awesome Manga Fathers


In honor of it being Father’s day today I’d like to talk about my favorite dads from anime and manga. I find my parents to be wonderful beings, but growing up I never really got to see either my mother or father, because of this I always appreciated amazing parental figures in series I read. So shout out to all those amazing fictional and real dads out there!


Ryoji Fujioka from Ouran Highschool Host Club:

This series was filled with hilarious characters, but I found Haruhi’s father, Ryoji, to be one of the most amusing personalities. In flashbacks and in the present we learn how deep his love for Haruhi is and his hatred for Tamaki. But in the end he wouldn’t jeopardize Haruhi and Tamaki’s relationship.


Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist:

I miss this series so much, and Hughes even more! His daughter is adorable and I find his doting love for his family super cute. Although in the series we were not able to see much of his parenting, by what screen time they were given you can understand that he made an incredible parent.


Kaien Cross from Vampire Knight:

I’m not a really big fan of this show now, but a few years ago you definitely could have called me obsessed. Similar to the previous fathers listed he is also whimsical and doting. He may not have been the biological father of Yuki, but that doesn’t matter because he treated her like his own. I loved that throughout the series you could see the “two sides” of him. You can see the badass side of him and the goofy headmaster him too.


Isshin Kurosaki from Bleach:

I haven’t watched bleach in a while, but I can clearly remember his character. He raised his kids after the loss of their mother and he did a hell of a good job. In addition to being hilarious as well.


Soichiro Kurebayashi from Dengeki Daisy:

Yes, I do know that he is Teru’s older brother, but he was her guardian in addition. Since this isn’t a spoiler and is clearly stated in the first chapter, he is deceased. Although in the series all we get are flashbacks of him, and we never get to meet him alive, I don’t think I have ever cried as much as I did for Soichiro. By the bonds he made with other characters you’re able to tell that he is a trustworthy and incredible man and guardian.


Son Mundok from Akatsuki no Yona:

Yet again a character that is not the direct father to another character, but is a wonderful guardian. He cares deeply for Hak and the rest of the Wind Tribe. Similar to Isshin and Ichigo’s relationship from Bleach, Hak and Mundok have scenes that will make you die laughing and others that will make you die crying.


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