Manga That Made Me Cry!


I can never find myself crying for situations that happen in real life, but if something sad happens in a manga or anime I will be bawling my eyes out. Here are some of the manga that have made me cry!


Konjiki no Gash Bell!:

This one may come as a surprise, because if you’ve ever read the manga or watched the anime you’ll know that it’s not really a sad story it’s actually very funny. But it is my favorite manga so it’s a given that I would cry at the end. But the main reason I cried was because of the very last chapter(s). The author portrayed the characters relationships perfectly. And their goodbyes were extremely touching. I finished this manga on Christmas and I can remember bawling my eyes out, then having to go to a party, then coming home just to reread the last chapters and cry. I highly recommend reading this manga, even if you’ve seen the anime, the manga is definitely worth reading.


Deep Love:

This story expands over a series of different manga, each from the perspective of a different main character. I specifically remember reading this manga so I could cry, it was a sort of challenge. This manga is incredible and one that you will never forget. The manga contains lots of adult content and I’d definitely recommend a certain level of maturity to read it. I read this manga as a ten-year old (haha I really didn’t have that “level of maturity” I was talking about:p), and it is the kind of manga that makes an impression and makes you rethink your life.


Donten ni Warau:

I’ve talked about this manga a lot on my page and there is a reason for that. Just like the other stories I have talked about I recommend that you read this one! For the sake of not spoiling anything I won’t tell what exactly made me cry but this story is very touching. The manga focuses on three brothers and throughout the series you discover how much love they have for each other. In addition to beautiful relationships the story itself is also incredible!


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