Shoujo Recommendations


During May and so far in June I have been reading a lot of shoujo manga. Since I first started watching anime and reading manga I’ve been a sucker for romance and I still am. There are shoujo that literally all of us know of, such as Ouran Highschool Host Club or Kaichou Wa Maid sama. I’d rather not recommend super popular shoujo, so this list is filled with shoujo that are not as popular, but just as good.


Joou no Hana: 

I read this manga earlier this month, and fell in love with it. I started reading it because it had the “historical” tag. Being an avid Akatsuki no Yona fan, I was hoping this manga would live up to it. And although I’m biased towards Akatsuki no Yona, Joou no Hana is also incredible. The female lead, Aki, is powerful and strong-willed. Throughout the story you will fall in love with the way the author portrays her. And our male lead, Hakusei is super adorable, shy, and strong. He is a complete bishounen.


Tamago no Kimi:

I read this one over spring break and the plot is so unusual that it will intrigue you just by hearing the summary. The story is centered around a girl named Aimi, who starts off in a world that is the opposite of the world we know of, at least in terms of beauty standards. In her world things like being overweight or having acne are perceived as the “ideal”, and all humans are beautiful but unfortunately neither our world or Aimi’s understands this. While Aimi’s looks would be on par with a supermodel in our world, in her’s she is considered very ugly. When she is thrown into the world we know of her life changes, especially after her encounter with Kyou Naruse, the extreme narcassist. All the characters in this series are hilarious and this is a very enjoyable read.


Charming Junkie:

Like Tamago no Kimi, this is a hilarious read, but heartwarming at moments too. While reading the epilogue you are able to see all the characters grow up and the direction life has taken them. It gives you an odd motherly sense and speaking of the characters, all of them are so complex in their own way.


Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurau:

Filled with moments that will just make you go, “Ah! so cute”. The male leads in this story are just way too cute and the same thing goes for the female leads. The author of this manga (Ikeyamada Go) has also written other fantastic series, such as Moe Kare!!, and you should definitely check out other works from her.


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