My Top 10 Anime Geniuses

This list is simply based off of my favorite genius anime characters. The ranking isn’t based on who is smarter than who, because these characters have a wide range in what they’re considered a genius of, so you couldn’t really make a list based of off that.

10. Sora- No Game No Life

Most people would put him in the same spot as his sister, since they are “Blank” after all, but I didn’t since they are two different people. Sora is cunning, and along with his sister is a gaming master. Although he is a NEET, years of being shut in didn’t affect how smart he is.

9. Kiyo- Zatch Bell!

He’s the top student at his school, and as the series goes on you can see his other talents/knowledge. You can see how he uses his brains in the battles.

8. Kanoko- Koi Dano Ai Dano

There is no doubt that Kanoko is extremely intelligent, she always ranks high for tests. Although many people who have read the manga probably wouldn’t consider her a genius based off of her knowledge for things like math or science. She is extremely analytical, and knows how to use people to her advantage.

7. Haru- My Little Monster

With a personality like his you would expect him to be a happy-go-lucky idiot. But he is not, which is what Shizuku soon learns. While struggling while working on a math problem, Haru comes right up and solves it like it was nothing.

6. Lelouch- Code Geass

Although the show doesn’t focus much on how his grades are in school, the fact that he is leading an entire rebellion is enough to count him as a genius. Some people might think that because he has the power of Geass it puts him to an advantage. Which is true it does, but you learn as the show goes on that Geass has many conditions, and loopholes that goes with it. Also I’d say that most of the reason he managed to start a rebellion, was because of his sedition skills, not Geass.

5. Light- Death Note

I remember reading the chapter where L put cameras all over Light’s house, and thinking he was absolutely brillant. The tricks that he used to make sure that no one discovered the Death Note amazed me. He’s definitely a crazy character, but at the same time brilliant.

4. Shiro- No Game No Life

You learn that there are definitely things that Sora is better than Shiro at, but in the end I would consider Shiro smarter. She memorized a language in a breeze, knows 18 languages, and is a master chess player all while being super adorable (seriously I’d love her as my little sister!!).

3. L- Death Note

I think that this has been a battle since Death Note first came out, “Who is smarter?: L vs. Kira”. I don’t want to get too into detail on this since I plan to make another post on this topic, but clearly based of my ranks I prefer L over Light.

2. 2. Shinichi/Conan- Detective Conan

Each episode brings a completely different sort of case, that’s part of what I love about the show. In every case you can see how Conan incorporates his wide range of knowledge. His deductive skills are amazing, and if this was a list solely on anime detectives there is no doubt that he would take first place

1. Victorique- Gosick

I love her character so much. Her entire life she was trapped in a library, which she made the best of. As the years went by, the books that she read filled her mind. She can easily solve cases that her lousy “detective” brother can’t.


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