Underrated Manga

I’ve noticed that there are so many incredible manga that go unnoticed. Here I’ll recommend a few manga that deserve way more attention!

Magico- Iwamoto Naoki

I loved all the characters so much. The main female (Emma) was a pretty stereotypical character (in shounen manga at least). She was a character that was there, but she wasn’t very useful in fights, but despite that I loved her which is unusual since I never like those characters. But at the same time she wasn’t just a useless character. If finding out that Emma isn’t powerful kind of makes you not want to read this, I’ll let you know that there are plenty of other powerful female characters in Magico.

Lan Chi- Xu Lu Ako

I remember not expecting much of this manga, because the main characters are children (11 & 12 years old). I was so wrong, this story is more complex than I could have ever imagined. Every chapter is full of suspense, and mystery.

Issho Ni Neyou Yo- Takao Shigeru

I read this manga, because I had no idea what to read (although I have a huge list to read). It’s a shoujo, and someone on yahoo answers put this under the question where someone was looking for a “cool possessive guy” male lead. Because of that I was expecting this to be the stereotypical shoujo. It did not disappoint me. The male lead was a very rare type of character you get in shoujo. The female character was also powerful, but in her own way.

Donten Ni Warau- Karakara Kemuri

Definitely one of the best historical manga out there. There was no real romance in the manga (little bits and pieces, but not really). So if that is something you look for in manga, no worries because I admit I’m a huge shoujo lover, but the family love in this manga is more than enough. The mangaka did a wonderful job in making the love warm your heart.

1/2 Prince- Yu Wo, Choi Hong Chong

From chapter one this manga is hilarious, and fast paced. Lan has the characteristic mostly male characters have, so watching her break all those dumb “gender roles” excited me. She is a great leader, and is incredibly powerful (both in the virtual world and in real life). All of the secondary characters were also fun to read about (especially Arctic Fox, and Kenshin). At their first appearance I judged what some characters would be like, and was both surprised, and delighted to find out they were the polar opposite.

Since there are many underrated manga I will probably be doing many of these in the future.


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