Anime Vs Reality: School

About a few ago was my first day of school. While sitting in class on the first day, I realized that there were lots of things that were different in anime schools, and in real schools.



This is usually more of an expectation that shoujo gives us. On her first day of school the girl will meet this amazing guy, which will lead to an amazing love story.


Of course everyone will meet their Mr or Ms perfect, but it rarely happens while your still attending school (maybe college though). Also most teens have other things to worry about  (college, academics e.t.c).

S.C.H.O.O.L  S.P.O.R.T.S        


Whatever sport it is, everyone on the team has a genuine love for the sport.


A majority of the team is in the sport just for it to look good on their college application. I know that this isn’t always the case, and lots of students play sports because they like it. It’s just that I feel that people in real life (me included) lack the passion, and the fire burning in their eyes that most anime characters have. It’s sad for me because that passion, and determination is part of what attracts me to anime.

STUDENT COUNCIL                       Anime: Most anime have a student council that are literally the most fun people to be around. Their might be a president like Misaki who is headstrong, and an amazing role model. The student council also usually plans/does so many cool events for the students in the school.


Usually all that they do is plan volunteer opportunities (at least that’s what they do in my school).



You’d get to each your lunch on the school rooftop with a couple of friends, or maybe with just your significant other.


You can’t eat on the rooftop, if you tried to sneak in it’s locked anyways. Also if the rooftop really was open to eat lunch at their wouldn’t just be a couple of students their, everybody would want to be up there.


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