Gentlemen: A Rare Shoujo Trait

The target audience of shoujo manga are teen girls. Yet when I find myself reading a shoujo manga the male protagonist is always a complete jerk to the girl. Or he’s super mean to her, then over time his real kind heart is revealed. When I read shoujo manga like that I always sense utter bullshit. In reality no girl would want a guy who treated her like that no matter what he looked like, and if you do then you must be really shallow. If like me you’re getting sick of the stereotype, here are some gentlemen, as well as the manga there from that will not disappoint you.

Zen- Akagami No Shirayukihime

It’s been a while since I read this manga,but I remember really liking that he was a kind prince instead of an arrogant one.

Hak- Akatsuki No Yona

Hak does tease Yona, but in the end he would never do anything that would harm her, and he will always protect her.

Shion– Magico

Magico isn’t a shoujo, it’s a shounen, but it has enough romance in it to be appealing to shoujo lovers. Shion never disrespected Emma, and worked really hard for her.

Usui– Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Like Hak, Usui does tease Misaki, but in the end he will always be there for her. He also was never a jerk to her.

Tamaki– Ouran Highschool Host Club

He was extremely kind to not only Haruhi, but to everyone else as well. If you read the manga you can really get to see how kind he is, and how much forgiveness he has in his heart.

Tarou– Pika Ichi

He was always extremely kind to Hanako, he never treated her badly, and they have a strong friendship.

Haru– My LIttle Monster

How could you not love him with his bubbly personality. Not many shoujo male leads have a fun personality like his, and I don’t see why.


15 thoughts on “Gentlemen: A Rare Shoujo Trait

  1. seryu20xx says:

    Thanks for the recommendations. Yeah, I never understood it… I feel Shoujo Manga does reflect reality in which – people are attracted towards those that are “assertive AND kind.” I think many Shoujo manga (and reality) has plenty of girls that go for the guy that are JUST assertive and hence many stories are as they are, (or one may have a friend that says she only ends up with jerks).

    In a weird way, I see why the stories tend to be the way they are, but I am glad there are those that differ :3.

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  2. croitz says:

    I agree with your sentiment but my hypothesis for the guys acting like jerks comes down to the old adage girls like bad boys because they think they can change them. While not necessarily true if the main character over time can help bring out the good traits in a person it will make the reader feel more deeply and relate to the main character. Yet again just my hypothesis haha.

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  3. LitaKino says:

    OO I liked this read I definitely agree with your point of male protagonist always ending up so mean to the girl then have a change of heart later on. Nice refreshing choice of male gentles 🙂

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  4. Avelys says:

    Usui was the funniest, despite teasing her relentlessly haha. I agree that your list is good, it’s nice to see different varieties of the male lead. I think the appeal of having jerks as the male lead is that “he only treats me special” which feels like we won against other girls. I don’t think girls are shallow for feeling like they can help a mean guy become a nicer guy (in real life at least) although motives can range. I don’t help people just because they’re good looking. There’s a certain satisfaction when you feel like you were able to warm someone’s heart. I do think some shoujo take it to the next level, for example Itazura na Kiss. That’s a case where the guy is an asshole from the beginning to the end with very little character development. That’s just aggravating with no reward.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that having a nice guy can get boring. Especially in story telling. So they make these mean guys go through a journey and that’s much more than a story. There has to be a sort of conflict. So one of the characters have to be lacking in some way. If you notice, when the guy is a dick, the girl is warm and friendly. When the guy is super nice, the girl is stand of ish or sarcastic. There has to be a sort of contrast and they both help eachother. Opposites attract. I’m not trying to justify all shoujo with male leads, just don’t really have much of a problem with it since good ones have character development which is the appeal.

    Sorry, long rant. Lmao. Great post ^_^

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    • mangaotakuu says:

      I agree there have been quite a few mean to nice guy transformations that I highly enjoyed:) Although Itazura Na Kiss just frustrated me! Although I like some mean to nice guy character developments, if in some point in the manga the guy forced her down/assaulted her I won’t continue the series bc sexual abuse/harassment isn’t something to be taken so lightly.

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      • Avelys says:

        Itazura na Kiss made me want to give up Anime LOL. I was so angry >_<! Because of it, I decided to give shoujo Manga a try and I'm glad I did. There was a point in Ookami Shoujo where it felt like the male lead reverted back to being a jerk and I was so done reading that Manga haha.

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  5. Levi says:

    ookami shoujo to kuro ouji is a shoujo that has the most awful male love interest in it. it’s probably the worst one i’ve tried to read or watch.

    tamaki is just the loveliest tbh, like no other male love interest can reach the standards he set lmao

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  6. Sun Lee says:

    This is the best anime blog I’ve ever come across! Your choices are not biased and look at the characters from an omniscient point of view, which is something I value. I agree with all of your choices for this list; it gets extremely frustrating when the girl is trying to be nice to the guy and then he just rudely pushes her off…OR he pins her to the wall or floor forcefully and makes a move on her (LIKE WHAT THE HECK THAT’S JUST RUDE). Also, I love Akatsuki no Yona as well! Yona with the ax was the cutest thing (for the people who haven’t watched it: it doesn’t sound cute but it really was, I swear). Good job on your blogging!

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