School Time: Manga Recommendations

It’s that awful time of year again, back to school season. Some people have already started, and some people aren’t starting for a good chunk of time, but August is usually the month where people are going back to school. Here are some “school life” manga that will maybe get you excited for the first days of school.

1.Toradora Yuyuko Takemiya

An incredibly sweet rom-com, and home to the queen of tsundere’s. I haven’t read the light novel yet, but I’ve seen the anime. This is so worth watching, and is not something you’ll forget after watching/reading. Rating: 9/10

2. School Rumble– Kobayashi Jin

This is another one where I have only seen the anime. This anime was hilarious, I loved all the characters, and Tenma reminds me a bit of Tohru from Fruits Basket. Rating 10/10

3. Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun– Robiko

I loved this, and again I’ve only seen the anime. This is a shoujo manga, usually the main protagonists go a little like this… Main Guy: cool, man of few words, intelligent, a bit of a mystery or Main Guy 2: playboy, with a new girl every night, a total jerk to the main girl. Main Girl: Not intelligent, average, crybaby or Main Girl 2: Strong willed, not to shabby of a character, but is completely submissive to the main guy! ( I hate main girl 2 the most). Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun is one of those manga that completely beat those stereotypes. Shizuku, and Haru are very unique characters, and remind me a lot of Tamaki & Haruhi from Ouran High-school Host Club. Rating: 10/10

4.Ao Haru Ride– Sakisaka Io

This manga has all the cliché shoujo things that most people hate, I’m also one who hates those clichés. Although I hate those clichés somehow this manga got them all to somehow work for them. There were times where Kou frustrated me, and their whole relationship just frustrated me, but in the end your always cheering for them. This manga in my opinion had one of the most painful love triangles, but I don’t think that it was unnessecary. The love triangle helped the story progress, and as painful as it was, im glad that it was included. Rating: 8/10

5. Orange– Takano Ichigo

A very unique, and beautiful story. This is one of those stories that will hit you in the feels every time you read it. If your past your high-school years I think this story will make you feel nostalgic (even if your high-school years weren’t the best). Rating: 10/10

6. Kare Wa Tomodachi– Yoshioka, Ririko

Hiyori’s life is very eventful, and I doubt your life is anything like her’s (at least I hope not). This manga had lots of drama, and some people say it was unnecessary, but I think it was the perfect amount. This manga had me crying, not because of the tragedys, but because it was so touching to see how much Sasamoto cared for Hiyori, and how much he was willing to sacrifice for her sake. Rating: 8.5/10

7. Himouto! Umaru-chan– Sankaku Head

This is a comedy manga, with really no plot. I usually tend to dislike manga with no plot, but this one was worth watching for me. The scary thing is that Umaru reminds me a lot of myself. I’m not a supreme beauty or anything, but I’m a straight a student so people all think that I’m “smart” (I’m really not), and that I study all day. The reality is that I’m otaku, I read manga more than I study. Rating: 7.5/10 Note: The meh rating isn’t because the manga isn’t good, it’s just that I personally don’t like manga without a plot.

8. Pika Ichi– Maki Youko

This manga is incredibly cute, and Tarou is a total gentlemen. This show really shows us how important it is to stand up to bullies, no matter how scared you are. It also shows us how important school, and friendship is. There are tons of unique characters, but I don’t think there is a single couple like Hanako & Tarou. Rating: 10/10

9. Nagareboshi Lens- Murata Mayu

This is a really sweet romance manga. Their relationship is very realistic, and the entire time you will go awe! The only thing is that Risa, is a very forgettable character, not that I didn’t like her, she just didn’t really stick in my mind. Rating:  8/10

10. Koe No Katachi- Ooima Yoshitoki

This is my last recommendation, I haven’t read the manga. It’s been on my list for a while, and I really want to read it, but i’m not letting myself read it because i’m currently reading many manga. Your probably like “If you haven’t read it, then why are you recommending it?”. I’m recommending it, because it’s been stuck in my mind ever since I read the summary. The summary alone was enough to make such a great impact on me, so imagine how much i’ll like the actual story? Well i’ll let you decide wether or not you will read it. Here’s the summary:

The story revolves around Nishimiya Shōko, a grade school student who has impaired hearing. She transfers into a new school, where she is bullied by her classmates, especially Ishida Shouya. It gets to the point where she transfers to another school and as a result, Shouya is ostracized and bullied himself, with no friends to speak of and no plans for the future. Years later, he sets himself on a path to redemption.


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