Highschool Of The Dead [No Spoilers] Review


Spoiler Free Anime Review: Highschool Of The Dead

It’s actually very rare that I watch a anime, I usually read manga. So I decided to review the anime I decided to watch.

I honestly love survival stories, and it’s especially interesting that H.O.T.D is a zombie apocalypse survival anime. I really liked Saeko, she was a very strong character. I actually liked all the female characters in this anime.

The thing that ruined this anime is the fan service. I don’t mind service, being a otaku I have seen lots of anime/manga with fan service. This anime though had so much pointless fan service.

There was this one time where Saeko was freaking out, and was in a panic. In order to calm her down Takashi was approaching her.I was expecting him to hug her or something. Instead he approaches her, and grabs her chest. Instead of making this a comedy scene, they made it into a really serious scene. I could not take this scene seriously, I was just like “What the Heck..”

All in all I rate Highschool Of The Dead a 8.5/10.


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