August Manga Challenge

My Little Monster

August Manga Challenge:

For some reason I like coming up with little manga challenges for myself, and here is mine for August 2015.

My school starts during August so I’ll have less time to read manga then I did during summer vacation.

Read a manga you have been meaning to read for a long time.

– I chose Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun
(Robiko). Ever since I watched the anime around a year or two ago I have wanted to continue the story, and learn more about the two adorable protagonists.

Continue a manga you have put on hold.

– I chose Suzaku of the counterattack (Atsuro Yomino). Although “Suzaku Of The Counterattack” is a separate manga it is part of the “Code Geass” manga series. Just recently I read “Lelouch Of The Rebellion”, before I forget what happens I want to move on with the story.

Read a long manga (500+ chapters).

I chose Inuyasha ( Takahashi Rumiko). Like I mentioned earlier school is starting this month for me, so I won’t have as much time to read manga. I know I’ll be able to finish Inuyasha because I have already started it, and am on chapter 450+.

Inuyasha & Kagome

Read a manga you read as a child.

-I chose Konjiki No Gash (Raiku Makoto). As a child I didn’t read manga, I watched anime. Konjiki No Gash or Zatch Bell was one of my all time favorites, and it brings back so many memories.


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