Top 10 Shoujo Manga Females

Before I get to the list I want to point out the fact that I don’t have Hikari (from Special A) on my list. Not because I think she’s weak. I just don’t like that she’s portrayed as being inferior to Kei in EVERY single way. I understand that a male can be smarter or stronger than a girl (obviously), but realistically she would be better at some things than him (like a subject).

10. Midori- Uwasa No Midori-Kun

Why she’s on the list:

– At a moment early in the manga where I was like ” well she’s gonna cry like every other shoujo manga heroine *sigh* “, she proved me wrong, and stayed strong. Instead of crying about her problems, she decides to face them head on. She’s also amazing at soccer, which is why she made it on a strong boy’s soccer team.

9. Misaki- Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Why she’s on the list:

– She’s feared by the boys at her school, and is able to fight by herself. She’s trained in a few forms of martial arts, and she’s able to take care of herself. I also like that she’s very hard-working, and determined I think that’s what makes her a role model to girls.

8. Hanako- Pika Ichi

Why she’s on the list:

– At the start of the manga she’s very plain, and average. She witnesses some intense bullying going on in her school, and she decided to change in order to help others. She already knows many fighting moves, so fighting the bullies isn’t hard for her. Since she got involved in the whole bullying situation going on at her school, she’s been put in many dangerous situations. When she got kidnapped, of course all her friends were trying to find & save her, but when they got there she had already handled the situation herself.

7. Mafuyu- Oresama Teacher

Why she’s on the list:

– She’s very strong, in fact she’s an ex-delinquent. When moving to a new school she’s faced with problems, like student council members attacking her. She’s good friends with another fellow delinquent, and when things get tough she doesn’t need to rely on him.

6. Nakaba- Reimei No Arcana

Why she’s on the list:

– It’s been a while since I’ve read this manga (I’m totally going to re-read it), but I won’t ever forget how ruthless she was. She wasn’t afraid to manipulate, and deceive in order to protect her country. She also has a very straight forward attitude that I love so much.

5. Haruhi- Ouran Highschool Host Club

Why she’s on the list:

– She’s a very unique character, the personality that she’s given is typically given to shoujo manga male leads. She’s very smart, and not the type of girl to be won over with money, and good looks. Her personality is very genuine, and when she falls in love, it won’t be superficial or materialistic.

4. Kujou- Last Game

Why she’s on the list:

– She’s intelligent, strong, and hard-working. There was one point in the manga where she was attacked by a purse thief (so cliché haha), and she was the one hurting him. Yanagi of course was rushing to help her, but was stopped in his tracks because she handled him before he could get there.

3. Teru- Dengeki Daisy

Why she’s on the list:

-Teru is pretty silly, but she is also very intelligent. During the beginning of the manga when her friend was getting bullied, she had no problem standing up for him. They tried to use her home situation to get to her, but she never let them. Later during the manga when things get more intense, she gets threatened, and kidnapped by people who are truly dangerous (not just highschool bullies). Even then she doesn’t fail to let her spirit down, and doesn’t let their threatening words affect her.

2. Maria- Akuma To Love Song

Why she’s on the list:

– Maria is very intelligent, she even got accepted into a prestigious highschool. Shes very beautiful, and has a very straight forward personality which makes her appear cold. She gets bullied, and isolated (especially by the girls) because of her personality. This still doesn’t stop her from always telling the truth, even if it’s cruel. I loved her character, because she is always honest with herself, as well as others.


1. Yona- Akatsuki No Yona

Why she’s on the list:

– Yona starts the show as a normal shoujo character. Through a sequence of events she gets stronger. To me she is the ultimate female anime/manga character, because she is so realistically portrayed. We get to see her struggle, and overcome those struggles. We also get to see that she is brave, not because she’s fearless. but because despite those fears she continues on.


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