Manga Recommendation: Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy– Motomi Kyousuke

Before passing away, Teru’s older brother gave her a cellphone, and told her “If you ever need any help, just contact daisy with this cellphone”. Teru is now a second year high-school student, attending a school only through a scholarship, because she is too poor to afford it. While with her friend she throws a baseball, and accidentally cracks a window. She decided to keep quiet, because she can’t afford the repairs. Somehow her school janitor Kurosaki find out, he makes her work as his servant after school in order to repay it. She starts to wonder daisy’s identity, and realizes that he must be closer to her than she had thought.

Why You Should Read Dengeki Daisy:

– Comedy. Towards the end the story line gets intense, but they somehow still find time to add some comedy into each chapter.I’ve read this manga two times, and it doesn’t get less hilarious.

– Characters. Each character has suffered a fair share of pain, but they somehow still manage to be kind to those around them. Each character is also very unique, I don’t think a single one of them falls into a manga character stereotype.

– Deeper Meaning. Dengeki Daisy is one of the funniest manga I have ever read, but at the same time very sad. The characters have lots of depth to them, and are very realistic.

– The Tears. I’m not sure if this manga would fit under “tragedy”, but it certainly is very sad. Seeing each characters relationship with Soichiro (Teru’s brother) is very touching.

– Kurosaki & Teru. It is so cute seeing how much they trust & care for each other. They also are most likely the funniest manga couple.

-Friendship. Each member of the “team” cares for each, and trusts each other deeply.

– Teru. Her character growth was incredible, but when the manga first started she wasn’t a useless crybaby. When she was the target of bullies she wasn’t afraid to talk back. She also isn’t ashamed of.. well anything.

Reasons You May Not Like It

– I SHIP YOU! NOW DATE ALREADY- The characters are NOT oblivious to their feelings, they just decide not to confess untill like the almost last chapter. To be fair at first they have a reason they can’t get together, then there is also the fact that Teru is still considered a minor.

-The age difference, Teru is 16 at first, then toward the middle she turns 17. Kurosaki is 24, which leaves them at about a 8 year age difference. I personally didn’t have a problem with it, because it’s not like Teru was 10.

Genres: Mystery, Shoujo, Drama,Psychological, Tragedy, Romance, School Life.


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