Manga Recommendation: Akatsuki No Yona

Akatsuki No Yona is a story centered around Yona..– Yona is the princess of Hiryuu, and she seems to have it all, her father (the king) gets her everything she wants. The only struggle is that she has fallen in love with a man with a lower rank then her(a childhood friend), and that her personal guard (also childhood friend) is  “barbaric”. During her 16th birthday party she strays away from the party to go find her father. Upon entering her father’s room she witnesses him getting murdered. After a few more events occur, she is forced to escape from the castle with her guard Hak.

Why You should Read Akatsuki No Yona:

– The Character Development: Yona goes from being a weak little princess, to being a badass princess.

– The Swoon Worthy Guys: God Bless Hak,Yoon,Shinah,Zeno,Jaeha,and Kija.

– The realism. Akatsuki No Yona has supernatural elements which aren’t realistic of course, but everything else is. Like I mentioned earlier Yona becomes a applaud worthy character, but that doesn’t happen overnight. Each character also overcomes their own struggles during the show.(Although in my opinion Yona’s was the most drastic).

– The comedy. Akatsuki No Yona can get pretty dark sometimes (especially in the Nadai Arc), but even then each character can bring some comedy. Whether its Shinahs cuteness or Jaeha hitting on Hak during his first apperance(s)

Reason people may not want to read it:

I love everything about this manga, and I have nothing bad to say about it. Though here are some things I’ve heard people complain about.

– Yona’s obliviousness. (Kinda spoiler alert) In the most recent chapters (100 to 108) Yona is starting to realize her feelings. Though some people still don’t like that in the beginning she was completely oblivious to Hak’s feelings. I can defend that because, Yona had more important things to do then worry about falling in love.

– HAREM (Reverse) One of the tags for Akatsuki No Yona is harem, and so some people may decide not to read it all because of that. Yes there are a few boys in love with her (although only one had noticed so far), but there’s not enough romance between her, and all the other guys to really be considered a “harem”. She only really has romantic scenes with one boy, and they will most likely end up together (unless in the end there is some major plot twist). I’m stating this because I know that usually the Harem & Reverse Harem main character is really bland, but I promise Yona and her story are much more than that.

Of course those are not the only reasons people may not to read it, and if you just don’t like it that’s completely fine.

Manga Genres: Shoujo, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural.


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